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In this blog we will show you the workflow of implant surgical guide business powered by GuideMia.

GuideMia is the leading turnkey solution for treatment planning and surgical guide design. There is no other system that includes a full surgical guide solution like GuideMia to cover clinical cases fromfully edentulous to partially edentulous, from radiographic guides to intra-oral scans, from immediate tooth extraction to zygomatic implants. GuideMia is your ultimate solution for surgical guide design.

Let's look at the workflow.

Step 1. CT scan the patient.

Step 2. Obtain soft tissue surface data by intra-oral scan, scan of plaster models, CT scan of radiographic guides, etc.


Step 3. Load data into GuideMia: load the DICOM files of the CT scan, load the optical scan or the CT of radiographic guide, and then align the two scans together. With optical scan, users need to select a few spots to align the data. With radiographic guide, the two CT scans are automatically registered. This can be finished in only 2-4 minutes.

Step 4. Additional image processing with GuideMia, such as segment the bone/tooth structure, create nerve models, etc. This takes about 2-4 minutes.


Steps 5. Place implants with GuideMia in another 2-20 minutes depending on the number of units. Then confirm the treatment plan with the doctors.

Step 6. Design surgical guides with GuideMia."Designing" is done by our software, not by you. You only need to tell GuideMia where you want the surgical guides.

Step 7. Make the surgical guides.

Send your surgical gudie STL files to a 3D printer or a 5-axis millin gmachine, grab a cup of coffee and watch your guides being made. Next you would insert drilling sleeves into your surgical guides. Sleeves are optional depending on the surgical kit choice.

Step 8. Ship the surgical guide and the doctors perform the surgery.

Step 9. Share your experience with your friends. Shouldn't this be fun?




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