Case Study – Dual Scan with Very Soft Bone

Tissue and bone level guides desired.

The patient has lost a lot of bone, and the bone density is relatively low. It is desired to have a bone level surgical guide. The challenge here is to build a bone model that can be used as the base of a surgical guide. The common thresholding will not work.

Also, a tissue-level guide is required. However, the patient was scanned with both radiographic guides, and the radiographic guides were scanned side by side in one shot. The radiographic markers are up to 6mm, which are fairly big compared to common practice and can add extra complexity to the case.

With the tissue peeling simulation, GuideMia is able to create a bone model that simulates the bone structure very well without geometry artifacts that prevent from further processing.

The radiographic guides can be well registered without the user specifying the markers.

Tissue-level surgical guide with one implant planned.

Master model with three components: bone, tissue and implant inserts.

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