Dental Implant Treatment Planning Workflow Comparison

In a typical treatment planning workflow, doctors or labs plan their cases with treatment planning software, and then send the case data to their software vendor. The software company designs the surgical guides, prints them and sends them to doctors or labs. Such workflows can typically take one to two weeks to complete.

The following is an illustration of the workflow. The doctor examines the patient first, and then sends him/her to an imaging center for scanning. The imaging center or dental lab then uses a treatment planning software to perform case preparation, and then treatment planning. The doctor then approves the plan. Cases are sent to a software company, where the guides will be designed and made. This workflow process is just like sending all of your Microsoft Word documents a four hour plane ride away to have them printed. It is definitely very inefficient.

With GuideMia, we are trying to shorten the workflow as much as possible. In an ideal situation, a dental office will have CT scanner, GuideMia software, and 3D printer or milling machine. The doctors or their assistants can accomplish everything from scanning to surgical guide manufacturing. Within 2-3 hours, everything can be ready for the surgery. In addition to this, when a surgical guide is being printed or milled, GuideMia can generate a master model, with implant holes and implant analogs, which can then be imported into a CAD software for temporary restoration design and milling. After the surgery, temporary restorations can be placed onto the implants and the patient walks out with great smile. The following picture shows a surgical guide designed for immediate tooth extraction, a milled master model, and a milled zirconia bridge. Thank you Dr. William Roddy from Fort Worth for this great case.

Alternatively, if the dental office does not have printer or milling machine, they can simply send the finished surgical guide STL files to a lab for printing. Labs may charge something between $20 to $50 depending on the situation. In this case, the workflow will take 3 to 5 days. The following picture illustrates the workflow that GuideMia makes possible.

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