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  • Treatment Planning Solution

    License Option: GuideMia Planner Version

    How it works: Users plan cases with the GuideMia Planner, and send out their project files and DICOM data to GuideMia or to a master site for surgical guide design.
    GuideMia Planner Version has all the DICOM data processing and treatment planning functions.

    Intended Users: dental offices, imaging centers

    Surgical Guide Solution

    License Option: GuideMia Pro Version

    How it works: Users can perform treatment planning, design surgical guides, export STL models, and send the STL models to printers or milling machines to make surgical guides.

    Intended Users: dental offices and dental labs who would like to perform planning and design and have access to printers or milling machines.

    Master Solution

    License Option: GuideMia Master Version

    How it works: Users can perform treatment planning, design surgical guides, export STL models, and send the STL models to printers or milling machines to make surgical guides. Moreover, a Master Version user can prepare data and perform surgical guide design for Planner Version users.

    GuideMia will be able to help you develop your business model of treatment planning and surgical guide design. You can have your clients (dental offices) buy GuideMia Planner version, or download the free GuideMia project viewer, then develop you service network as shown in the following picture.

    Intended Users: Dental labs, treatment planning centers, implant manufacturers.

    Free Software

    GuideMia Prelude is available for free. Please see the product page for more details.

    Customized version for implant manufacturers

    License Option: GuideMia customized version

    How it works: We offer customized versions for implant manufacturers. We can add your implants into the library, configure the surgical kits for your platforms, and add additional features per your request. You can have master version of our software, distribute planner version to your customers, and make surgical guides for them if necessary. Such a customized solution is developed to help implant manufacturers offer a one-stop shopping experience to their clients, and thus help keep customers and promote implant sales.

    Intended Users: Implant manufacturers

  • Pay-per-use Surgical Guide Design

    With this licensing option you get the complete system functionality. Plan your cases, design your surgical guides and enjoy. There are two ways to buy this option:

    One is pay-as-you-go. The system will export a proprietary surgical guide model. You upload your design to our website and we will convert the files for you, then you can download the standard STL files of your surgical guide designs. You pay when you use this service. See store for more details. Sign up today to begin your surgical guide design.

    Two is a pre-paid option. You buy a certain amount of guide design clicks, and we will issue you a license file. Once your license is activated, you can simply design surgical guides and export STL files. When your license expires, you can buy another license file.

    Unlimited License

    This is a traditional software licensing approach. You buy the software, and get the comprehensive package with unlimited planning and surgical guide functionality. Under this option, we offer Pro Version and Master Version.

  • Order Surgical Guides from us

    We do offer surgical guides. Browse your online account with us, choose the files you want to make and simply place the order online.

    Facilities of your choice

    With our surgical guide exports, you can make your own surgical guides or send STL files to any labs that have printers or milling machines. Labs are responsible for the accuracy of the manufacturing and the applicability of the materials. Please make sure the labs can meet your expectations. In general the materials should be biocompatible, and we recommend the manufacturing accuracy should be within 0.02mm range.

    Certified labs

    GuideMia is working with labs to establish some more manufacturing sites. Once we have a list of certified labs, we will make them accessible from our website.

    Please contact us if you'd like to become a certified lab.

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Los Alamitos, CA 90720

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