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We have great news for you! GuideMia Prelude has now been launched!

What is GuideMia Prelude?

GuideMia Prelude is a free version of GuideMia implant planning software. It has almost all the implant treatment planning functionality from our commercial version. From dual scan to optical scan to single scan, GuideMia Prelude offers you the best treatment planning functions in the industry.


Q: What functions are available in GuideMia Prelude?

A: GuideMia Prelude has almost all the treatment planning functions of the commercial version except error simulation, vitual tissue model and surgical guide design. Otherwise, there is no compromise in terms of the system functions and performance.

Q: What platforms are supported? What are the computer requirements?

A: Windows 7 or 8 64bit versions are now available. The minimum system requirements are: Intel i5 CPU or comparable, 6GM RAM, 1GB graphics card, nVidia GTS 500 or above.

Q: Does Prelude have STL exporting functions? How do I get my surgical guides designed?

A: Prelude is a free version for dental professionals to simulate implant placement. There is no STL exporting for now. In order to get surgical guides, you will need to send us the project data for design and exporting. There is a service fee assocated with this. Please visit our store page for more details.

Q: Who are the target users?

A: Prelude is for users who would occasionally needs surgical guides, but may not have the need to invest in a commercial surgical guide solution.

Q: Is Prelude compatible with commercial versions?

A: No, they are not compatible to each other. Prelude project files have a different format. The file extension is .gmx, instead of .pie as in the commercial versions.

Q: Is training and support available?

A: There is very limited support. We have training videos availabe online for the users to learn the system. For users who have the needs, they can purchase training and support from our website.



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