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GuideMia has everything you need for implant treatment planning. The treatment planner supports the following scanning protocols:

  • Dual scan with radiographic guide. A radiographic guide is made, scanned with the patient, and scanned separately. GuideMia is able to automatically to register two CT datasets.
  • Dual scan with the plaster model. A plaster model is CT scanned, and so is the patient. The two data sets are aligned with GuideMia's super fast registration module.
  • CT scan with an optical scan of a plaster model.
  • CT scan with an intra-oral scan.
  • Single CT scan. Often time it is a great challenge for a treatment planning system to create a good surface model from the CT scan if the patient bone quality is very slow. GuideMia made it simple and easy.

Simplicity is what we love. GuideMia does not recommend any extra effort in preparing a case, such as specially made scan tray, specially shaped markers, or scan bodies, etc.

However, GuideMia offers the most flexibility. Our users have creatively used our system to develop their own scanning protocols. Please contact us for more information.

GuideMia has the most extensive treatment planning functionality. We have experienced very thorough clinical evaluations, and our system is highly recognized because of its completeness. Very often you can find that even with some very common functionality, GuideMia does it in a better way.

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