GuideMia Bone Modeler

Scatter Removal

GuideMia's scatter removal has three modes: automatic removal, manual removal and CT slice editing.

  • Automatic removal- With just one click of the mouse, the automatic removal tool can get rid of light scatters. Unless you would like to have a super clean bone model for printing purposes, the results are good enough for implant treatment planning.
  • Manual scatter removal- You just need to rotate your 3D views, draw the boundary of a scatter area, then the system will remove the scatters.
  • Slice editing- For cases with excessive X-ray scatters, this tool let you edit the bone segmentation slice by slice.

Soft tissue peeling simulation

This advanced function is very powerful, yet easy to use. Often times, with very loose bones or low quality bones, implant treatment planning systems have two challenges:

  1. How do you segment the bone structure in order to create a closed and smoothed bone surface model so that the bone supported surgical guides can be designed?
  2. How do you visualize the relationship between implants and bone structures, as well as the sinuses?

GuideMia provides you the world leading functionality to address these requirements. In the following sample, you see the CT scan without process, the surface model that is directly resulted from the image filtering, and the processed model that can actually serve the purposes of surgical guide design and visualization.

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