GuideMia Implant Planning System

GuideMia has the most comprehensive treatment planning and surgical guide design functions. With our proprietary technologies, we bring the digital treatment planning to a new level. We have many features our top competitors don't have. For many commonly found features, we have a much better solution. Contact us for more details.

System Highlights

  1. Various scanning protocols: dual CT scan with radiographic guide, CT scan plus optical scan, single CT scan. No special procedure or markers or any kind of specially shaped blocks is needed to prepare for the cases.
  2. 1-click CT data registration: you load the two datasets, and the system will automatically identify markers and align them all in one step. You don’t need to do anything like specifying markers.
  3. 1-click Surgical guide design: all you need to do is to tell the system which part of the arch a surgical guide will cover. The system will automatically finish all the geometric modeling and generate final models. All the undercuts will be removed too.
  4. 1-click bone model cleanup: for single scan for flap surgery many systems cannot deal with loose bones. With GuideMia, it is just one single mouse click.
  5. 1-click scatter removal: get rid of about half of the scatters with one mouse click.
  6. Multiple surgical guides in one project.
  7. Associative workflow of treatment planning and surgical guide design. With our patented technology, surgical guide design and update are never easier.
  8. Most comprehensive functions. It will take you a great deal of time if you want to identify a function that is missing in GuideMia. Because we listen to our customers so well, and we implement their requirements in harmony, GuideMia has the most comprehensive functions.

Our vision

We help everybody design and make surgical guides.

With GuideMia, implant treatment planning is the combination of latest imaging and geometric modeling technologies and dental excpertise. With GuideMia, surgical guide design is the ultimate goal of treatment planning, so we make it accessible to everybody and bring it to your desk with the simplest implementation.

With GuideMia, implant treatment planning system is not just a combination of a DICOM viewer and implant placement tool. It is a very common misconception that planning system is a DICOM viewer plus implant simulation, and this is why many of the software systems on the market just not do the work for you.


Case Definition

  • Directly open DICOM files
  • Radiographic guides as scan templates
  • Optical scans or intra-oral scans as scan templates
  • CT scan of plaster models as scan templates
  • Impression scans as scan templates
  • Saving and retrieving some system options
  • Export DICOM files from a region of interest

Data Preparation

  • Automatic registration of radiographic guides
  • Registration of optical scan or intra-oral scan
  • Fine tuning of registered models
  • Load antagonist scan and diagnostic models
  • Automatic scatter removal
  • Manual scatter removal
  • Slice editing
  • Bone/tooth/nerve modeling
  • Virtual tissue model from scan template
  • Low density bone processing (Simulating soft tissue peeling)
  • DICOM to STL model conversion and exporting

Treatment Planning

  • Implant placement with abutment support
  • Virtual teeth
  • Customizable anchor pins.
  • Implant library management (open library)
  • Implant libraries from major manufacturers
  • Drilling sleeve options
  • Customized drilling settings
  • Additional planning notes: bone/sinus grafting, tooth extraction, etc.
  • Make implants parallel
  • Error simulation
  • More than one versions of planning in a single project

Case Recording and Communication

  • Diagnosis notes and planning notes
  • System snapshots/bookmarks

Surgical Guide Design

  • Surgical guide design from radiographic guide
  • Surgical guide design from optical scan or intra-oral scan
  • Bone-level surgical guide design, loose bone support
  • Surgical guide design styles
  • Surgical guide design for immediate tooth extraction cases
  • Automatic undercut removal
  • Bone reduction guide and surgical guide designed for bone reduction
  • Stone model correction before guide design
  • Full Anatomy Modeling technology: master model, implant analog, tissue model, etc
  • Post processing of guides: access opening, irrigation windows, model trimming, case tag, etc.
  • Design surgical guides for universal surgical kits
  • Design pilot drill guides
  • Design surgical guides for osteotomy or for implant placements
  • Automatic update of surgical guide according to plan changes
  • Surgical kit configuration
  • Sleeve options in guide design
  • Multiple guide design
  • Surgical guides according to alternative treatment plans
  • Export standard STL files

Visualization and Data Management

  • Object management and various view options
  • Bone density mode and implant neighborhood inspection
  • Surgical guide fit analysis
  • Blend 3D view and cross section view
  • Flexible screen layout


  • Generate HTML reports
  • Generate reports according to individual surgical guide design


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