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GuideMia DiCon (DICOM Convertor) is a simple yet powerful tool to create STL models from DICOM datasets. It offers various tools to process DICOM data, generate surface models, and export STL files. The image processing tools include thresholding, connected thresholding, scatter removal, slice editing, surface peeling simulation, etc.

GuideMia DiCon is a great tool for you to visualize your DICOM datasets with volume rendering and also generate high quality STL models. It has been used not only in dental applications but also in medical modeling.

One click low bone density processing

Yes, GuideMia can fill in all those pockets and holes with one mouse click and generate smooth STL models for surgical guide design purposes or for study models.

Cutting egde volume rendering technology

Want to create fantastic images for your presentations? Check out the state-of-art volume rendering technology with GuideMia powered by the high performance computing and GPU technology. You may hear that such a volume rendering for a 500 slice DICOM dataset will take a long time and use a monster computer. GuideMia brings the real time rendering performance on your desk with just middle level consumer laptops and desktops.


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